Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feels Like Winter!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, these college applications are so burdensome, I haven't been able to thoroughly clean my room in weeks, it's pretty bad. I'll get better after November, I promise!

I know I'm not the only one who's been looking at the blog I love Rumi's since of style. She's recently been wearing lots of oversized sweaters and I love that look. I don't think i could pull it off as well as Rumi has, because I don't have the same body shape as her, I'm pretty short and i feel like a huge oversized sweater would swallow me up, but at the same time they look SO cozy! I've been looking for sweaters like the ones Rumi's been wearing, but the only ones i could find for the longest were on Topshop, which I can't afford. I finally got the bright idea to check Victoria's Secret, I always overlook them, because I only think of bras and panties and PINK when i think of them. I went through the sweaters section and actually found quite a few i like and can afford.

I love the little holes in this sweater! Only $39.

I'd like this one in black or grey, only $49.

I'd like this one in black too! $59, and this is the sweater that most reminds me of the sweaters I've been seeing Rumi wearing.

This one I'm flip-flopping on because this is a nice peach color, but there's also a black, yeah i know too much black, but I love it because it matches with everything in my closet. Only $29, so I might end up getting 2 if I can't choose a color.
I'm also thinking of getting some black Doc Martens, because my light pink don't match with everything, but I love Docs, I feel like I can do anything in them. Still I have like 5 pairs of boots, not even kidding, everything from booties to knee highs.
I've got Friday off, and SAT subject tests on Saturday, but I'm hoping I can get some shopping in and hopefully an outfit post! I hope to see you guys soon.