Monday, September 6, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to say this early, sorry for not taking a ton of pictures, the first day I had to stand in line for 4hrs to get my badge and didn't feel like taking pictures, it was way to hot outside to be doing that. I didn't go the second day because i got sick, or Monday because I ran out for cash. All these photos are from when I went Sunday. A lot of the rooms i went into did not allow photography, and I spent most of Sunday avoiding this guy that wanted to know if I wanted to "hang out later", he was really creepy.Anyway, I guess I start with the few photos I took at Dragon*Con, once again I'm sorry, and also I'm mad at myself, because I knew i should have taken more photos.

I feel like I took more photos than this because I saw so much, but I guess I didn't If i go again next year I'll be sure to take more photos, but I'm not sure if i'll go next year, mostly because I don't know where I'll be next year, college wise.

I spent over $60 at Dragon*Con which isn't unbelievable, the two shirts I bought were $22 each, so that's the bulk of the money I spent, but I love the original Star Trek so I had to get some shirts. I'd have gotten a a Firefly or Serenity t-shirt, but I didn't see one i liked and I didn't have enough money. I also wanted a shirt from the show The Big Bang Theory, but i didn't really look at the shirts, because by the time I noticed them I only had $10, not enough for a t-shirt.
Yay! Star Trek! I love the original Star Trek! Yeah, I know, I such a dweeb, but I'm happy, so ha!
I love Spock! In my celebrity/character dream family (I'll create a family tree for you guys one day) He's one of my 27 grandfathers (I don't i have that many yet, but there are a lot)
I found a couple of pairs of studs I love! There pair on the left are ankhs, the Egyptian symbol for eternal life (if I'm remembering correctly) and the pair on the right are ying and yang signs in the shape of hearts.I also found these feather earrings with ankhs on them , I'm addicted to ankhs and aren't the stripes on the feathers cool.This part of my new obsession. I found this women that sold ear cuffs and all I could afford was one, so i go this beauty. i love how it looks on me! I's also inspired me to make wire ear cuffs to wear on the ears, they're pretty cool and I'm wondering if I could sell some wire ear cuffs to make some money, but we'll see.

All in all, Dragon*Con was pretty fun, but if i go again I know i want to go to the stuff early in the morning and late at night, because that's when they have all the cool dance parties and movie gatherings. I didn't go to any of that stuff this year because my parents worry to much, they didn't even know i was going alone until the day before and that made them worry even more. If i go next year i'll be 18, and if i have a way to get money i may just get a hotel room and say in a hotel near the convention all four days, which would makes things a lot easier and allow me to do more.

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