Monday, September 20, 2010

Reaching Into the Past

Sorry I haven't posted in like two weeks guys. I'm having trouble with college applications and school and getting my license and all sorts of crap. Right now I'm supposed to be reading Heart of Darkness but i can't help but fall asleep when I do, I'll try again, but at the moment i feel this is more important.
Have you guys ever overheard someone talking about something they wanted to buy and once you heard that you wanted one too? I heard this girl in my AP Literature class talking about getting a Navajo Print Cloak from Forever21. When she said that it made me want one too, bundling up in something colorful like that during the cold months would be the best. I went to Forever21's website, but didn't see anything about a Navajo Cloak, so i googled it. I found a few on websites like Etsy, but i wasn't willing to pay $150+ for one and I found a website that sells colorful Navajo print fabric, so now I want to make one. I think it will be a good, simple project to work on on weekends and keep me sane during my senior year, which seems to be full of work and tests and no fun hanging out with friends.
I feel like I've been avoiding the Native American print items when it comes to fashion, because in Georgia people talk about how every black person says they have Cherokee ancestors. I know i have Native American ancestors ( my friends tell me i have Asian eyes, but I have no Asian ancestors, unless you count Native Americans who crossed the bearing strait), but I hate falling under stereotypes or people thinking I'm saying it just to fit in. Now i'm more comfortable with not caring what other people think, which is good. I'm planning on doing a mitochondrial DNA mapping in my AP Biology class, so when i get the results I'll tell you guys if I have any asain ancestors, I'm kind of excited, but college apps and homework has me bummed, oh well, all part of school and such...

Below is the $160 cloak i was talking about. It's a simple design, the link is here. If if were $50 or less i would get it, but I think i can make one for less and I think i'd want a more colorful print.

I'll try to post more regularly, but I can't promise it. i'm trying to get all my college applications in before the end of October so i can have it done with and spend the rest of my senior year worrying about grades, graduating, hanging out with friends, and what dress I'll wear to prom. Shallow, i know, but all this work's making my edgy and kinda mean to people, and i hate being mean topeople who don't deserve it.
I hope to c u guys soon!

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  1. HI FATE! I'm sorry about college apps (there's really no way to make them any better or easier) :( and I fell asleep on Heart of Darkness too, if it's any consolation. Um, the cloak you're modeling your cloak off of looks AMAZING and I definitely agree that having a side project senior year will keep you sane. I like the 2nd and 4th fabrics you picked the best, but that's because I like the darker version of the cloak. Anyway, good luck with those personal statements!