Monday, July 26, 2010

I Love The Unpredicatable

My sister went to the mall Saturday to meet up with her friends, and since i love the mall i decided i tag along for the ride and go shopping by myself when we got there. While i was helping my sister find her friends i ran into some of my friends, and i also found out there was a Zara in the mall [too bad i forgot and never went in :( ]. I ended up meeting with five of my friends and we had a great time, one of my friends graduated early so we spent time just having fun and looking for clothes for her to wear to college parties.
I also found a new love:Yoforia
This place is amazing! They make frozen yogurt with the texture of soft serve icecream and you can put toppings on it. Toppings range from Oreo cookie pieces and chocolate chips to almond pieces and granola to fruit, including blackberries, mango, strawberries and much more. I got original yogurt with black berries, mango and granola, it was DELICIOUS! I will have to take MARTA down to the mall so i can get some more some weekend.

This is my new 'I LOVE YOFORIA!' face.Here's what I wore to the mall:
Faith21 skinny jeans, Payless sandals, Walmart stripped v-neck, Forever21 necklace, Forever21 ring, Vaisha's Jewelry Bracelet (my sisters friend makes jewelry and this my favorite piece i have from her), mom's purse from Kohl's, Rag-o-Rama scarf.

I don't have any big purses so i borrowed my mom's and tied a scarf to it for a pop of color and to distract from all the pen marks on the purse.
I'm also becoming more comfortable with what i wear, i use to ALWAYS wear a jacket with anything, even when it was hot out, because i have some back fat and i hate it, but i decided to go without the jacket for once.

I have another outfit post coming up soon, and i'll probably do a post about the colleges i want to apply to, since the beginning of the school year is coming up (2 weeks, i'm going crazy, my sleep schedule is screwed up) and i'll be a senior, and i'll tell you guys about my DREAM college that i want to get into SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly, but where my mom doesn't want me to go. Anyway, hope you guys hear from me soon, 'til later.

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