Friday, July 23, 2010

Photos Fill the Void

I think this is something i'll start doing regularly. I save lots of photos on my computer, but never do anything with them, so when i do fill like posting but have no outfit photos or anything fashion oriented i'll do a photo dump.This is 2NE1 my favourite KPop girl group, yeah i listen to KPop. Anyways they have Amazing style and so upbeat, i luv these girls.

This is Abby from NCIS (one of my favourite shows!) I remember some one said i remind them of here because i tend to wear dark colors( sometimes emo-ish look, but i'm out growing that) ,but i'm really upbeat and fun like her.
Three Words: My Dream HairProbably my favourite photo of myself, in my PJs and standing in the rain. I LOVE THE RAIN!

I love Mary Tyler Moore, i think she's a great actress and she's so funny in the Dick Van Dyke Show (feel so old when i say that, but i love that show, what decade was it from? I don't remember.)I also love Audrey Hepburn. My favourite movies with her in them are Charade and How To Steal A Million, she's adorable and funny and reminds me of myself so much in Charade with the random questions and thoughts that she has.I think these are both photos for Tokyo, i got them from, i love that blog, Rumi doesn't just do fashion photos but also photos of places she's been. Visit her blog its in my blog list.

Another photo i saw on If there was a such thing as a dream mess i think this would be it for me, but maybe I'm just weird like that.

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