Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playgrounds Aren't Just For Little Kids

2nd to last week of summer vacation and i don't how i feel. Colleges are starting to put out their common app suppliments and i want to get a head start, but still enjoy the last week of summer vacation. I've only found four colleges to apply to and 1 i really really want to go to (Barnard) and another i really want to got to (Georgia Tech), another i'll go to if i don't get my other two choices (UGA) and the last is my super safety school for when everything goes wrong (Georgia State University). I feel like i should have more choices and i wanting to go to Barnard too bad. Barnard seems to be my dream school. An all girls school so i won't be as worried about guys, but classes are mixed between Barnard and Columbia so i get to see guys, and it's in New York City. It's a great college with great academics and so many opportunities to do so many things, and having the city of New York at your disposal is just too great. i've watched videos and read articles and i really should stop myself because i'm falling in love and i'm not sure i can get in, there will probably be so many girls with better test scores and more volunteers hours than me, but i really want to got to Barnard. I'd work my @ss off if i got into that school. But even if i got in i don't know if i could afford it. i need to look at scholarships and financial aid and i wanted to get a job but my mom won't let me and my parents are iffy about me getting my license and nothing seems to be going right. I keep look at the Barnard common app supplement and trying to think of the perfect thing to write. I want to stand out amongst all the other girls that apply, because my SAT score isn't perfect, my GPA's pretty good but it could be better and i just REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get into this school.

Anyway lets get to the outfit. Me and my sister went on a picnic on the playground at a local school. it was so much fun. My sister got a new dress from the mall and decided to wear it and i wanted to dress up too, but i only have two dresses in my closet (no lie! my boobs don't fit anything and when they do it's usually some ugly dress i absolutely hate.) my dress for homecoming and a zebra print maxi dress. I took my maxi skirt and hoisted it up and put on of my mom's old belts around y waist and wore it with my DIY bleached denim vest. I can't believe how long the skirt still is even after i hoisted it up.
I'm also thinking of getting my hair cut, keeping the length on the front and top, but cutting the sides short, i'm tired of my hair 1) touching my ears and 2) flairing out in the back at the bottom after like 30 mins.

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