Sunday, August 1, 2010

Checking Out Painters and Looking For A Storm

Took these photos yesterday when my mom made me run through the neighbourhood looking for some guys painting a yellow house, because she wants to get the house painted. I finally found them put was too tired to ask if they had any info, so i took the not so direct root of snooping around looking for a sign and looking shifty as i wrote down their number. My sister left, claiming "she didn't know me", but i didn't care, i got the job done and i looked good, in my opinion. Wore my lace tunic from Forever21, my new sandals from Payless, my Faith21 skinny jeans, forever21 jewelry and a clutch i got at Plato's Closet.
"To the Angel-mobile! AWAY!"

Today was an odd day. Printed out college application stuff, worked on it. Watched Moonlight Serenade with my father and my sister, Amy Adams has a great voice, but the movie didn't show off her acting skills and was pretty weak. The most memorable line from it was when the guy Amy Adams goes out with later in the movie says to her "You're like a Piano." I know this was a musical and they were all musicians, but that wasn't romantic in my opinion, it just made me and my sister burst out laughing.
Later i finally got out of my PJs and put on an all black outfit and went for a long walk. I felt like i was looking for trouble. It looked like it was about to rain, but i still wanted to go out, so i grabbed my umbrella and went. i really am a misfit sometimes. I walked for what seemed like forever, but i need some time to myself. I went to the creek down the street from me before i came home and found out that fish were living in it again! Guess it's not as polluted as it used to be. My sister and I are planning on going down to the creek tomorrow and feeding the fish, which probably isn't good, because they may get used to us feeding them and become dependent on us to feed them, but still feeding animals is one of those oddly peaceful things, unless they attack you for your food, but i doubt the fish would do that.
Anyway, i hope i have a post for you soon and don't stay away too long. See ya soon!

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