Friday, August 6, 2010

MY NEW HEAD (of hair)

I got my hair cut, i know as if it could be any shorter, but it is. I love how simple, short and easy to deal with it is. It also goes with the way i'm feeling about fashion now. I'm in a grunge-glam (as seventeen calls it) phase where the only colors i seem to like are black, white, red and silver. I'm also adding some boho tinges in, because i can't seem to keep from doing it. I feel like driving (well getting one of my parents to drive me) to to goodwills, salvation armies and last chance thrift stores to find hordes of plaid shirts for layering, and to look for the one item i really really REALLY want this season: a military jacket. I don't want some skimpy cropped thing, i want a big oversized thing for layering up and down and being comfy in while traipse around in heels.
I feel like this, my senior year will be the year i finally go through all the changes i wanted to. My new hair cut, getting my ears double pierced, getting purple streaks in my hair, wearing heels more regularly to school, caring more about how i look clothing wise and physically, using make-up (even if i only end up using mascara and eyeliner, it's a start), getting started on roller derby training and just all the other stuff i've been wanting to do, but too scared to. This is a year of change for me, for the better. With my upcoming independence (going away to college) I'm feeling better, even though i only have two days until school starts and i have no idea what to do about these college applications. I'll figure it all out and try not to make myself go insane.
Anyway, here are some pictures i took real quick this morning of my haircut before i went to White Waters for the day. (I got a great idea for a DIY project: black one shoulder swimsuit, with embellishing on the shoulder, will tell u guys more later)

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