Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day Trips Are Fun

Sorry that i haven't posted in a while. My internet went down Friday and just came back up today, terrible i know. I have posts ready for you guys, i've been craving a post all week! I went to Helen with my dad and sister and went river rafting. Helen is a small town that's suppose to be like a German town. It's on the Chattahoochee river and they have tubing set up on the river. It was fun, but it takes like two hours and there are a lot of shallow spots.
Anyway, after we went rafting we walked around the small town. I went to a store that sold gems and stones and things like that. I bought three arrow heads made of different materials for a dollar each, i'm planning on making all of them into necklace, but i've only finished one. We also went to a store owned by a woman whose accent made it sound like she was from Russia, but i didn't ask her where she was from. She sold accessories and trinkets and knick-knacks. I bought a bracelet with an eagle's head on it, a necklace with an elephant on it and necklace with a claw shaped thing on it made of some unknown material. The last piece needs some alterations, the chain is one of the cheap ones they put dog tags on, so i'm going to get a chain for it. I took pictures of the stuff i bought.
So, school started Monday and i'm all frazzled, i tell you guys more about it later. I really need to get a move on college applications, but i feel like i need to get a weekend job, because all the fees for senior stuff (senior photos, prom, yearbook, graduation, the list goes on and on...) are building up and i feel like my parents can't afford it. i'm going to see if i can get a free prom dress from one of the groups that does that kind of stuff, but i don't know if i'll get it, but i'll have to try. I won't have anytime for myself. one of my college friends told me to have fun senior year, but my classes are over whelming and i don't know if i'll even have time for fun, though i hope i do.
Anyway, to the photos!

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