Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ending the Week Broken Hearted

This has been a week of love lost for me. I ordered a cute pair of heels off of Forever21's website, which said the heels were 4.5 inches high, but when i got them they were 5.5 inches and i couldn't walk in them. When i tried to walk i felt like a dinosaur. You know how when people pretend to be dinosaurs they walk on their tippy-toes with their knees slightly bent, that's how i was walking in those heels. I felt bad because i wanted them soo bad and when i got them they weren't what i thought they'd be.

I had senior pictures Monday ad met the cutest photographer, but I'll probably never see him again (heart break #2). Heart break #3, I'm over the guy i've had a crush on for forever. Not sure if this counts as a heart break, but i guess it's good that i'm over him, but i'm still sad about the shoes, :(.

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