Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Japanese Are More Daring

Spent a couple of hours looking at a Japanese street style website today and realized something:
Japanese street style isn't bad or tacky it's just more daring than what most of us are used to.

I didn't like everything i saw on the website (including guy-liner and guys in skirts), but there were some looks i liked so i saved tons of pictures, which are now cluttering my desktop, i may have to make an inspiration board in my room. Here are some of the photos i saved from the website. Pretty sure the website is (srry, i closed it down after i was done looking and didn't start the post 'til later)

These two looks aren't really any different from what you may see in the U.S., but I still love these simple looks.

Love all the nude and flowy material, just gorgeous, but not really over the top, you know?

I love the pattern mixing and pops of color, even though my wardrobe is being taken over by more and more black and white.

I want to copy the look of the girl on the bottom sooo bad, it's just adorable.

I love the layering!

I LOVE booth these looks, especially the on on the bottom, i can't get enough of leather jackets and batman T-shirts.

I love black outfits with pops of color!

I love the mixing of prints, textures and colors in these looks.

Japanese street style is pretty inspiring, and even though I won't be wearing some outfits as extreme (for lack of a better word) as theirs, I do want to take some ideas from them to amp up my own style.

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