Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pastel Grunge (If That Even Exists)?

This outfit was, i don't know, my favorite burn out shirt paired with a floral skirt, my lovely Doc Martens, and my new crochet trim vest. I wore this to take my dog walking and i think that was the day my sister and i went to see the fish in the creek down the street from me.

My life has been hectic lately. I've been getting style ideas everywhere i look and i'm going through a closet clean out and wardrobe increase. I'm also saving money for Dragon*Con (starts two weeks from Friday! YAY!) because people say you should take between $100 and $300 with you because of artist artwork that is sold, food and trinkets, etc.

My friends are all over the place. I want to hang out with them, but i'm loaded down with homework, don't have a car and tired half the time. One of my friend's parents are making he live with a relative in another state and finish high school cause she started hanging with the wrong crowd. Guess it's for the best, we hadn't talked in months and i got one last hug before she left. I have another friend who i hadn't talked to in about 6 months as well, just cause we aren't in the same classes and never saw each other, but i'm making an effort to talk to her because she's fun to hang out with and i feel like i can admit anything to her.

Oh photos. I'm so neglectful to my blog and my homework. I've pretty much decided not to do two of my homework assignments, i'm just exhausted and all this work keeps me from working out and even if I still want to play roller derby and be a derby girl i don't know if i'll have time to practice and do school work. I'm just blah at the moment.

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