Friday, July 23, 2010

My First Time Here

This isn't my first blog, and possible won't be my last. I've been bouncing around cyberspace for the last year from my old blog ( to a Chictopia (which i may or may not start using again) to nothing at all. What i've found is that blogging gets me out more. I love getting out the house, but don't that often and when i had a blog and chictopia i found a reason to get dressed instead of lounging around in my Pjs and i pushed my parents 1) drive me places or 2) get me a car. The car thing didn't happen, but my parents now see that i get bored at home and try to get me out more.
I also like blogging juat to get my voice out an express my opinion, especially about fashion. I'd call my self a fashion novice, but learning. I have friends that like clothes, but not on the level that i do, so i that's another reason i blog. I'm also starting this blog to see if can get followers from my old blog and my chictopia to come and look at my blog and comment and give me fashion advice. Hoping to start posting my DIYs, outfit posts and other stuff soon for those reasons.
I'm also starting this blog as a place to vent about college. I'm going to be a senior when school starts, which mean applying for colleges, senioritis and just trying to have fun and survive to the end of the school year. I already know what college i really really really want to go to, but I'm going to have to try really hard to get in. i'll tell you guys about it later.
I know there's more i mean to say, but right now i'm super tired, which i have been recently and i have AP summer work to do and i only have two weeks left and i hate the feeling of having to wake up early and catch the bus.

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